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T.net core mission is to assist organizations in the process of innovation and development of smart solutions. T.net is designing today the “Smart” services of tomorrow.
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    C-ITS V2X – Tnet4IoT
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    C-ITS V2X

    The innovative Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) of T.net allow the interaction between vehicles, the road infrastructure and the actors involved in the use of the infrastructure. With T.net’s C-ITS solution, V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication is overcome, to achieve V2X (vehicle-to-everything) cooperation, with obvious advantages of efficiency, safety and for the environment. The use of both 802.11p protocol and LTE / 4G / 5G networks makes it possible to create projects capable of supporting technological evolution without compromise.

    Covered Areas

    Thanks to the low latency of the DSRC protocol (Dedicated Short Range Communication) it is possible to share in continuity between vehicles and road infrastructure. The continuous exchange of information and data between vehicles and infrastructure makes it possible to improve the efficiency of mobility, the driving experience and road safety, with particular attention also to environmental protection. We have already built a C-V2X corridor in the Smart Road 4.0 project for the City of Taormina, which covers part of the stretch that goes from the Mazzarò uncovered car park to the center of the “Pearl of the Ionian” village.

    How does it work

    T.net’s C-ITS V2X technologies make roads safer and more efficient. Thanks to the ability to recognize potential dangerous situations, such as sudden braking, the T.net C-ITS system guarantees fast network transmission, with low latency, high accuracy, priority, security and privacy. The travel experience is enriched by intermodal communication which in real time provides various information, such as alternative routes in case of work in progress or slowdowns, exchange points between various types of transport systems (cars, trains, buses), etc…

    Who we turn to

    Thanks to the implementation of T.net’s C-ITS technologies, Italian and European motorway companies, bodies and consortia can make their road networks safer, more efficient and “intelligent” for better traffic management and multimodal information. Even the cities and therefore the various Italian and European municipalities can use these technologies, as we have already done for the city of Taormina, to optimize mobility, reduce accidents, improve safety and guarantee better services for citizens. The solution integrates with the other Smart Parking and Intelligent Traffic-Restricted Zones solutions through the T.net Universal Middleware (SWINFO).

    How we integrate

    Through latest generation sensors, an efficient network infrastructure, communication units on board (OBU – On Board Units) and on the road (RSU – Road Side Units), T.net’s C-ITS V2X technologies transform the way of managing roads and traffic. The driving experience is enriched with information that supports drivers for example to maintain a moderate speed, a safe distance, to avoid overtaking in critical situations and other conditions that improve the efficiency of transport in general. We use this technology to control traffic lights, access to restricted traffic areas, control air quality and support customers with intelligent algorithms that allow them to make the most appropriate decisions both in a supervised by the user way (prescription) and in an automated way (prediction).
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