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T.net core mission is to assist organizations in the process of innovation and development of smart solutions. T.net is designing today the “Smart” services of tomorrow.
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    Smart City

    New ways of interacting with citizens in a multimodal environment

    What is a Smart City?

    A smart city is an urban area in which, thanks to the use of digital technologies and more generally of technological innovation, it is possible to optimize and improve the infrastructures and services to citizens, making them more efficient.

    “The smart city is the set of urban planning strategies aimed at optimizing and innovating public services to relate the infrastructures of cities with the human, intellectual and social capital of those who live in them through the use of new technologies “(source: Wikipedia).

    A smart city uses IoT technology in the different spheres of the Public Administration: from public transport and mobility to energy management and distribution; from public lighting to urban security; from waste management to maintenance of public buildings up to communication and information systems. We therefore refer to a smart city, but above all to a sustainable, efficient and innovative city, a city capable of ensuring a high quality of life for its citizens thanks to the use of connected and integrated technological solutions and systems.

    What are the key points of a Smart City?

    Smart People – people (citizens) must be involved and made involved. We talk about bottom-up decision-making (from bottom to top) and participatory policy.

    Smart Governance – the administration must give centrality to human capital, environmental resources, relationships and community assets.

    Smart Economy – the economy and trade must be aimed at increasing productivity and employment within the city through technological innovation.

    Smart Living – the level of comfort and well-being must be guaranteed to citizens linked together with aspects such as health, education, safety and culture.

    Smart Mobility – intelligent mobility solutions must aim to reduce costs, reduce environmental impact and optimize energy savings.

    Smart Environment – sustainable development, low environmental impact and energy efficiency are priority aspects of the city of the future.

    How does a Smart City work?

    Participation and shared responsibility: the smart city must support a computer system that allows anyone to send a report on a problem or request in real time.

    Smart buildings or intelligent buildings: buildings that are newly constructed or that undergo redevelopment must meet precise energy efficiency standards.

    Environmental sustainability: to manage energy efficiently, it is necessary to focus on the creation of smart energy systems and the use of renewable energy and intelligent waste management systems.

    Integrated Security: the use of innovative technologies and increasingly interconnected and integrated security systems allows us to achieve important results in this area.

    Transport and mobility: solutions must be implemented that streamline traffic and reduce pollution such as e-mobility and smart parking solutions.

    Advantages of a Smart City

    • A Smart City is a more efficient city
    • A Smart City is safer
    • A Smart City is a more inclusive city
    • A Smart City is a more sustainable city
    • A Smart City is a more connected city
    • A Smart City offers job opportunities

    Digital Cities and Smart Nations

    Smart Cities’ infrastructures support innovation, that means be more intelligent and efficient in the use of resources, resulting in cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and quality of life, and reduced environmental footprint.

    Smart Regions and Nations use information and communication technologies to improve shared economic, social, and environmental outcomes. T.net is working to build a new vision of society, where different components of a Smart Nations, such as Smart Metering, Smart Lighting, Smart Bin, Smart Road are integrated and in cooperation.

    Technologies of a Smart City

    • 5G/LoRa/DSRC/Wi-FI
    • Internet of things (IoT)
    • "Big data" analysis
    • Sensors and actuators
    • Energy consumption reduction and management systems
    • Energy production and distribution systems
    • New materials and solutions for sustainable construction
    • New hybrid and electric vehicles
    • Urban planning models
    • Management of the waste cycle
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Standards of a Smart City

    • ISO/TS 37151:2015
    • UNE 178301:2015
    • ISO 37120:2014
    • ISO/DIS 37101
    • ISO/DTR 37121
    • ISO/NP 37122
    • ISO/WD 37120
    • PNE 178106
    • PNE 178501
    • PNE 178306

    Smart City Block: what is it?

    The Smart City Block is the fundamental unit on which T.net bases the design of an entire city and represents a technological island of 4Km2.
    A Smart City uses different types of electronic sensors to collect data. It then uses this data to manage resources more efficiently using different smart grids. Tourists, citizens, drivers, traders, customers: in a smart city they use intelligent systems to live their personal experience.

    Immediate benefits of Smart City Block for the Administration

    Through a single city operations center it is possible to monitor:

    • the flow of vehicles and pedestrians
    • the state of health of the environment
    • the improvement of services to the citizen
    • emergency management

    What services to implement and how?

    We’re the perfect partner for your smart projects. Let’s start digital transformation!

    Middleware Developers

    Cloud Service Providers

    GDPR Specialists

    IoT Pioneers

    Projects Designers

    System Integrators

    Taormina City Tech
    CASE STUDY | The wonderful village of Sicily is chosen to be the location for the development of an intelligent ecosystem able to offer a life experience in a Smart City to its citizens, retailers and tourists.


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